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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Windy Wednesday

Well, it's been a little windy here in the coalfields today. Boy, I was "lovin" it yesterday...temps were near 60!! Today it's a lot colder..:(...I'm glad my son got some wood projects cut for me yesterday. I'll be posting pics of these later. He cut out 3 paddle/boards for me and I have 2 finished, but, can you believe it...I'm out of black paint! Now how does that happen to someone who paints practically everything black. hehe..I'm going to Charleston Friday so I see a trip to Michaels.
I finished up a project yesterday that I had started on Monday. Thought I'd try my hand at making a pattern...Don't think I'll win any and you creative pattern designers have absolutely nothing to worry about. I wanted to make a rabbit ornie..something simple. After, "designing the pattern" sewing, and stuffing.......................What??????? The poor little rabbit looked like a bat. :( I started thinking.........hmmmmm. Do I try to revive the babbit.....I mean rabbit or do I stuff this in the craft closet and have a ready made bat for Halloween? What to do?  I decided to at least give it a try....Here is what some TLC, a little paint and a hairbow....TA DAAAA

Now, I think little Ms. Babbit turned out pretty darn cute!!!!
Ok, have to get off here and get busy crafting...have so many projects going on. But, I'll be back either tomorrow of Friday. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

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