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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Good Morning blog buddies,
It's going to be a beautiful day here in southern West Virginia!!!! Think I may open some windows and get some fresh air in this house today. So thankful that Spring is on the way. Hope that everyone else is having a great Thursday. I've got so much to do that I don't know where to start. My house needs cleaned, the "Dukester" keeps things a mess...didn't realize that a puppy could be worse than a kid, lol. Need to start on some Easter projects. Got a new idea for those plastic eggs that I probably  have 500 or more. Been playing around with different techniques to kinda "prim" them up a little. Gonna warn you, it's a messy Anyway, as I was saying, cleaning, new projects, old projects, such as some items from GW and SA that need "primming".  But, I want to be outside!!!! When the weather starts getting warm I want to be working in my yard. Friends, does it ever end!!!! Plus, I've been thinking, oh no....don't tell my hubby, I'm getting the "do over" bug. Come on, I bet a lot of you get this little bug. After spending winter in the house you start to see all the things you want to change. I'm talking MAJOR DO OVER...Got so many ideas going around in my head. I have to start writing everything down. I'm a forgetful kind of girl...hehe. Well, praying that God Blesses You Today!!! Going to leave you with another "find" and how I  primmed it up. Remember to....THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX...

This is a jewelry chest that I think I paid $5.00 for. Bought it at GW and it was in really good condition. Now, when I saw this, I thought......spice box!!!! Here is how it turned out

Now, this is a black base with mustard yellow dry brushed over. I wasn't completely satisfied with this look so I......................................................................................

Applied a walnut stain over the paint, to kinda tone down the colors. I think this looks so much better. The only thing I wish I could have changed are the pulls. But I was afraid to try to take them off because I didn't want to mess up the drawers. I would have so loved to have put on some small wooden round knobs!! But, works for me! Now I have a spice cabinet...and I only have $5.00 plus my time. Not bad.......Would love to hear your comments and see what you have "re-made"


  1. this turned out beautiful!!
    glad to see you kept ould pulls with the beautiful patina

  2. Hello from the Deep South! I love your blog and think you might like mine. I live the Prim lifestyle! ( Marshel