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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Busy Day..

Hey Prim Friends....
Hope everyone is doing great!!! I've been so busy this week. Had to travel to Richmond Va. with Hubs for a doctor appt...then Friday, traveled to Charleston with my Mom...seems like I was in the car for days. While traveling to Richmond my mind was sure going in circles! Worked on several new patterns which I hope to be able to get in the works sometime next week. Yesterday while in Charleston I stopped by Goodwill and got some really good prim to do things...can't wait to show you these items.Today I have really been busy. Made 5 pantry cakes, worked on and finished two projects which I will provide tutorials for "soon", painted a wood paddle, started working on a bunny pattern that was on my mind and I so hope it turns out good. I'll show you that next week....good or bad...:) 
I am going to try to start posting tutorials every other Tuesday on my blog and I really hope that you will come back and visit. I like simple, make-do projects that are easy and quick to complete. I'm hoping that you like those kind of projects too!! Honestly, everything seems to be so expensive and if I can make-it then that's what I'm gonna do.
What are you're plans for Sunday?? Church for me in the morning, then I'm going to visit my new granddaughter, Audrey. Later Sunday I'll be fixing our Superbowl party "food" wings, meatballs, bbq wieners, chips/dip..well, I'm sure you get the We like to pig out and party :). Mamaw here..meaning a huge STEELERS FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So, I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday. Take time for the Lord. Stay safe, enjoy some football and I'll be back Monday...

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  1. Hi Hun, Hope you have a great sunday! Cant wait to see your new goodies... Sunday for me cleaning house before the kids come home. Then my momma is coming for dinner (I feel my anxiety level rising just typing that) Anywho I'll talk to you soon XOXOXOX