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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not being a good blog buddy!!!

OMGoodness, I can't believe that  I have not posted since Feb. 5th....Sorry, sorry, sorry...I have been under the weather for the past couple of weeks...still, not a very good excuse. Seems like time just goes by so fast. Does anyone else feel this way?  Sometimes I feel like there is not enough hours in the day to get things done. I have been working on a few things!! Which, I will be loading up some pictures for you to see. It's amazing what you can find at Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity stores!  But, I've learned that you have to "always" think outside the box. When I'm shopping I try to look at an item and think..hmmm. what could this be?  And, everynow and then something will just say "take me home". You may not know the why or the how but....when I get this feeling I just go ahead and get it. Because I know if I don't then I'll end up regretting Here is a little find that I walked by several times and it just kept calling to me so I finally gave up and bought it. Now, as you can see it's a medium size tabletop ironing board. I just could not figure out why this item was "calling" my name. I do not IRON anything...if wrinkle release and the dryer don't work then it goes back in the closet.....:)


So, later that night I was looking at some of the stuff that I had picked up that day and...............I had a light bulb moment when looking at the board. Ya know what I mean? Got out the paint and went to work...later that night this little board became....................................................

My little beehive...I thought it turned out pretty good!!!! As you can see, when shopping, don't look at what the object is.....look and think....about what it can be...Goodnight and God to all.
PS...I know my pic backgrounds aren't the best. But, you try to photograph something that is at ground level with a "demondog" Chiweenie trying to attack it!!!!! LOL

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  1. Love your Beehive! You are very imaginative!